Fishing for Lost Dreams

Writings and songs seem to feel like strokes of genius tied to the fragility of memory. I desperately try to anchor them to fight a current of thoughts. I try to keep them in my sight just long enough to write them down. Did I ever tell you how they feel like dreams? That’s what they are, daydreams. And when inspiration hits them, these thoughts, trigger a vision I must see come to fruition. Whether they have the potential to become stories, songs, or words to be remembered for all time, it is frustrating when they get lost.
It is a maddening fact that it was my brain that brought me this beauty, and my brain that stores it where I can’t see. The knowledge that I have all the tools and resources to think of it again nags me constantly. It’s too late though, it has already changed my stream of thought too much, and it has disappeared before I can see how.

About Claudia’s Claudy View

Claudy View is about perspective. I love trying to see through others eyes, and I love making up characters to see fictional worlds through. There is so much that I don’t know, but through everyone’s point of view there are things hidden and piecing it together reveals a bigger picture. I would love to share the stories I’ve thought of through curiosity, and especially the ones I’ve tweaked with the magic of imagination. Hypothetical worlds and fantasy are just as fun of a space to play in and teach me more of this world than you might think. I spend all day dreaming of what if and meaning. I have been accused of living with my head in the clouds and I plead guilty, so in case you’re as curious as I am, let me show you what it looks like from this Claudy View.